The Book of Lies
by Harry Hill III

published by
Threshold Publishing Company
P.O. Box 4033
Blaine, WA 98231



And long the shadow dogged me
As I labored for the Light
And long the days grew empty
As the holocaust grew bright.

I waited out the empty days of light
My spirit stilled, my blood was cold
The summer was the night
And stillness was the watchword of the night.

I prayed, and wept, and was not left alone
Harried by Bezaleel, I was not left alone
And long the shadow dogged me
As I prayed to be alone
As solitude was stolen from the stone.

Can it be, my enemy
That now we break that troth?
You are too familiar to my eyes.
There is no light of me in you
Beneath the glad disguise
I have at last grown weary of your lies.

Bezaleel my brother is the author of these lies
And I will not be hated nor despised
Court him with disharmony
And Death will be your prize
Bezaleel is author of these lies.


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Instructions to the Allegory

DeMolay was de mole
Mallory spoke mal ori
Shakespeare was known to shake a spear
In pretty lies, the purest truth yet lies.

Judge not!  Lest ye interpret badly
Let truth alight upon the most objective
For in verse inverse no judgements are proclaimed
The lies are for the wicked and profaned.


My prophet dies, my prophet dies!
And still I wait here penning lies
No creature takes my hiding place
No sentence is proclaimed
My lies are for the wicked and profaned.


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The irresponsible keep excellent records of their infractions; so that on the ever-postponed Day of Judgement, they have calculated their debts (with compound interest) to an exactitude.  It is this dedication to self-condemnation and the actions which produce it that define ‘damnation.’  These take on a single responsibility:  measuring the weight of their sin on the scales of Karma; the only rightful task they should defer to Deity.


Beware the ides of June.

Jack and Jill
Have harried Hill
To drink of long distraction
Jack got wise to Sister’s lies
And Jill was out of action.

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Eighth of Ides:  Throne of Alcazar

I greet the waxing Sun in salutation
And watch as towers fall into the sea
The month of plenty is upon me now again
Beckoning the dreamers to decree:

In attunement is the healing of the earth
And in the dawning sky the brightening Star
And in the mystic rose there lies the mystery unfurled
Wisdom from the throne of Alcazar.

And yet the shadow looms before my door;
And still the shade is poisoned by the sun
And yet remains the guilty and the poor
Damned by separation from the One.

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 Apocalypsos Fugiens

They stand, as statues, in the red unholy clime
Deny the Light, return to dawn
As empty as a rind
The tide has turned…
Ariel is now united with the Ur
The war will break, the war has broke
The war has broken down
The tide has turned
And now at last all prophecy is spurned.

O glad the angel blessing on the tamed and savage lands
Glad the time that turns upon the tide.

Glad the holy blessing that emerges from our hands
Glad the earth that turns upon the tide.


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Lethe in Israel

At the crossroads, south of Edentown
Lies Lethe’s mighty water
Cold with blood of Nordic stock
Washed clean by Zion’s daughter

Twenty three were numbered psalms
And hundreds more were slain
And thousands more were ransomed late
When Asher’s vengeance came.

At the crossroads
South of Hanover
Lies Israel’s decree
Where Aaron’s mighty army
Sought its passage to the sea.


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Notes on the Mir - 6/17/98

1. Tower of Didymos

We saw good works of men, and wept;
For would there be
In such a place as this,
The courage of their soul’s conviction?

What lends the strength
To bear them light through winter?
To brace their minds against the winds of certain change?
I wept; for I could not see
The courage of adversity in these.

The voices of the meek rise not against the Pharisee
Nor cry against the carriage of misjustice
Were they to weep
And in their dry and sober prayer
Appeal to grace beyond humility
Then I might speak,

But I am dumb to pleas for justice without power;
I cannot stay the rending of their self-created tower.


2. Land of Law

No grace for thee
Though all have pled for grace
Son of Ilych
Daughter of the Tsar
You cultivate the seasons of the Mir
And punish sloth
The sheep doth pen themselves and shepherd
In this frozen land of law
And pay the wolf consulting rates
For fleecing them apace
As long as sheep are shepherdless
They wait the wolves in grace

Pay they the most to let them be;
But none will let them be.
As we judge, so we are judged by law.


3. The Returning Coin

I could not give a dollar for the widow
I could ransom all the congregation as the Prophet
And release the prisoners as judge or chief;
But cannot spend my oft-returning coin
I spend it in the precinct of their grief.


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The Lesser

Free me from the Christians of Valhalla!
Release me from the Prince Accountancy.
Mensheviki rise!
For your freedom is at hand
Strength in numbers is your fatalist delusion
Named you are less you have proclaimed


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The Mir

Bolder through adversity, these breed
And spawn again the creed of strife
Within the Christian seed;

Stronger through adversity, these need
All are chief to Him who author all their righteous need.
Bountiful, they bleed.
And tax themselves the benefits of greed.

The Mir refuse to serve the politics of need.
These I love, though I cannot bear
To see them love to bleed.

Righteous yet is still the cruelty of their creed.
The honored of the Mir refuse the politics of need.


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The Politics of Want

The drones still love the candy
The droves of need are gathering
So give em what they want

So their lives are soft and lazy
Cause they want to get it on
So their minds are dark and crazy
Well… it’s the politics of want.

Before My Eyes

Before my eyes the earth is still
Awaiting judgement, all is still
Yet I am overjoyed.

The Lie has made itself and burns itself in fire
So let the rain obliterate the fire.

I have burned more than I built
And wrote more than I know
And conscience speaks, the wisdom stills
And I am meek.

Who would laugh if they could see me meek?
In feigning strength, you might perceive me weak
And pride returns so quickly
If before my eyes you speak
Speak not!  Regard instead
The wisdom of the meek.

All the knowledge of the world
Was buried in my brow
And all the pride that drowned the earth
Is fashioned in the now

Before my eyes, the dream is done
And prisoners are freed
For at my word, the world has ceased
To follow Pauline creed.

The secret lost, the power gone
Material destroyed
And still, I laugh, and weep aloud
For I am overjoyed.

6-19-98, 30,000 feet

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We hide, as God demands day labor
Light denied,
I grow that talent from death I died
I could not be light denied.
As she grew, she died
A darkness grew as long I tried
And could not free her from her pride
She would live, though light denied.
She long was lost, my errant bride
In calumny she laughed and lied
And drew me to her fallen side
A chattel of her fallen pride.
And purged, and humbled from my sin
The Lord hath spoke and drew me in
Where broke stood, a whole again
I could not sin to fall again.
But there she waits, my beauteous
Her harvest ripe and plenteous
Pretending light and virtuous
A virgin and abstemious.
Is she now light and purged of sin
Or doth she seek my soul to win
With lust in beauty calcified
Or is she damned, and light denied?
For how I loved her, dark and bright
And long I loved her through our night
We broke apart the glorious morn
And turned away when I was shorn.
Humility will hold me here
As pride will bind her to her fear
But serve I will and serve I must
Until the Ram has gone to rust.
The dove has lighted on my head
Although she breathes upon the dead
She makes a god of death instead
I count her now among the dread.
I will not be light denied
No matter how she pled or tried
I would not bleed to serve her pride
Though she is lost, she has not died.

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The Bounteous Spirit

I cannot understand his speech
I speak in tongues but cannot reach
The bounteous spirit hid beneath
In Osterreich, upon that beach.

I died in Bonn; and this he knew
From France I came, to France I knew
The called have gathered yet again.
To call the Brethren yet again.

In esoteric cannonade
My lips are dumb, my pen is made
To follow all the strife of sin
Until the Brethren meet again

He speaks in Deutsch, he speaks Gaulois
But still I hear the cannon roar
The world at large has gone to war
And still he speaks in old Gaulois

The cannonade resumes again
And now resumes my book again
The prophet’s motive never flags
The dogs of war, the posing wags

Are howling in the death-filled streets
Jerusalem in boots and cleats
Assyria is bound to law
And all he speaks is old Gaulois

Case!  I plead, and cease!  I cry.
I cannot hope to wonder why
Who are they - and who am I
To call the end down from the sky?

Who are they, and who am I
To sit and wake, while millions die?

Who are they, and why am I
Awake to stop and wonder why?
These I know, so how can I
Lie happily abed in joy
While millions of the faithful die?

Cows will feed and pigs will fly
And tigers tower in the sky
And comets fall, and monkeys fry
When vengeance bids injustice die.

I cannot hear, nor understand
The language of my native land
The bounteous spirit fills with joy
The aged man becomes the boy.

Do not plague me, profligate!
My mind is clear, my path is straight
In seven years, as long I wait
I will soon meet Thee at the gate.


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The Begats

1925 the word was still
1985 the word was Will
1995 the Voice was shrill
2005 the world was filled.

And so I died.
In 2015 I had arrived.
For 90 years the Truth survived
And in ’59 reborn alive.
I woke again, again to strive.

Mark my pen! I am alive
Neither masculine nor feminine
A breed apart, conciliate
With chastity to procreate.

As Lust and Boredom masturbate
I reconcile to promulgate.


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The Sons of David Repent

Where are my sons?
I count them few, my little ones
Where are all my holy sons?

I wait
And crashes forth the angel through the gate.
I am undone
For can’t the Judgement wait
For pity’s wrath, for pity’s sake!
Have mercy on the ones who wake
My sons are fallen, let them wait.

The earth is mine, sayeth the Lord
And filled with sons of wrath
Let all the sons of wrath be judged
Before their fallen master.

Let he be judged who judges least
Let pity follow after.


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You were ever of that kind
Muse-enamored, cased in clay
To wrestle with your passion's mind
And flee
To love another day

In Eros' pure and hot sensation
Livid sensuality
Flesh-engendered inspiration
Abandon creativity

As a woman lone and spurned
Stolid grief upon a Boat
Your Muse the widow in the stern
Scudding empty, half-afloat

The captain of your life
Drunken sailor on the dock
Bewailing cares and petty strife
Seeking ecstasy in shock

Unmindful of that One
Who stands in silence far from shore
Drifting westward to the Sun
And now at distance seen no more

When will you seek her, placid Dame
Poetic Lady undemanding
Will you shun her all the same
When she appears upon your landing?

The female form cannot approach
Her height of sensitivity
Her beauty now is your reproach
When you touch her creativity

Waken briefly, leave your arbor
Find the Muse among the mesh
Of fishermen upon the harbor
Flee that realm of drunken flesh

And ask forgiveness, profligate
Bow your head and bend your knee
She would ever make you great
A true companion, bold and free.


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Rhapsody in August  (Reprise)

They gather for the festival of Buddha
Rendered solemn by the politics of time
And wait the biting sickle of the harvest
To separate the mortal from the mind.

Akira, we have seen their melted faces
And the pattern of their smeltered bones
Shattered in the traces of their garden
Pulverized like children in the womb.

I await the cool expanse of August
As morning reaches out its gentle hand
To fill your temple with the miracle of life
Your islands with the mystery of rain.


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The Technique of Allegoresis

Allegory as a literary device is designed to tell more than one story at a time, a simple tale for simple people, an intriguing tale with hidden meanings for the more enlightened, and deeply significant spiritual truths to the initiated.  It is also designed to encourage those who are barely glimpsing the larger world of truth to reach for more, and give them clues as to how to do so.

It is also designed to keep its authors from breaking the law of the land and to still communicate specific and sensitive information which will not be corrupted by translation, editing, or censorship while in the hands of those who might seek to confuse, confound, or execute the authors and keep them from their high spiritual purposes.   This has always been the use of  allegory in the Western world; a sort of traditional encryption scheme which has  proven to be uncrackable.  In the modern day, even amongst those who say they are initiated into the schools to which these allegories belong, they cannot crack their own codes, although the keys sit on the table before them.  It may be necessary to abandon all pretense since Babylon has risen far quicker than anticipated.

The Rules of Esoteric Allegory

Traditional literary allegories (if there are any separate from the mystery schools to which they belong) are said to have four levels of decipherable interpretation:

Historic (Cultural)
Religious , Spiritual, or Mythical (depending upon context and subject)

Esoteric allegories have more:

Initiatic - referring to specific rituals, initiations, or techniques of the school to which the allegory belongs
Kabalistic - referring to the Sepher Yetzirah (Book of Splendor) and its formulae
Numerological - referring to one or more numerological systems
Cosmological - referring to the cosmological scheme of the tradition, such as the Hermetic school (in this case)
Astrological - the type of astrological system also needs to be referenced in some way so that it can be followed
Other - there are systems of allegory in use by specific scribes over the course of history, and they have a set of private symbols which, while interpretable, are private and thus need a dictionary.
Encryption - all encryption in my work is done in English.  Word invention is done in classical Greek from traditional roots.
Scriptural - referring to the same sources and with the same system as the Greek New Testament and the Judaic Old Testament (from their original texts.) I haven’t compiled any of those glosses, but I use them.  It will probably be necessary to provide an allegoresis - a complete allegoresis, of the Apocalypse, just so that people will know for the first time what it actually means.

The sets I use, in addition to the traditional, are the initiatic rituals of the Rosicrucian school, the Kabalistic formulae of that school and of the Count of Saint Germain (see The Kabalah of Numbers), the Numerological system of the same source, the Cosmological System of the Kybalion (the school of Hermes Trismegistos), very slight use of the Astrological system of the Theosophical school and its derivatives, and the private symbols developed specifically for the new cycle, whose dictionary I am in the midst of compiling.  My writings are the only rosetta stone for those, as far as  I know.  I compiled the first gloss at the end of the first edition of “Epistle” - which touches on the bare literary surface of that work (the first four levels.)

As an allegorist, my personal opinion of the allegories extant from the Middle Ages onward is that they all contain at least two of the additional levels of interpretation I have cited that characterize esoteric allegory, but that some of these have been obscured by retranslation and language change, as well as severe editing.  Evidence of initiatic and kabalistic levels of interpretation can be found in many of the medieval mystery plays, the Song of Roland, the Romance of the Rose, and the other love allegories of the Middle Ages, written in French, since that is the main school that survived and flourished in the Western World and French was the language of choice for encryption.  Latin naming is a traditional esoteric device for that reason.  I use very little Latin, because I am not attempting to recreate the French school’s work or replace its message.  Just as Valentin Andreae did in Germany in the 15th century with his new German allegory, the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, he did not intend to replace anything, but rather to issue new information in new contexts to communicate to those who would be attracted to a new dispensation of teachings.

A Sample Allegoresis

An allegory is indicated in my work by the capitalization of common words that do not fall at the beginning of a line, such as “Nickel Man” and “Soldier.”  The reader should note that the work is an allegory by this device alone, because it employs allegorical naming of persons and places.  These persons and place names can be interpreted by the use of other reference sources.  If they are English they may be found in English dictionaries, if not English they may be found in the Greek roots of English words.  The place names may recur in many poems - if so, they will always refer to the same thing and have the same meaning.  When such an allegory is indicated, the use of pronouns takes on a special meaning, and not the traditional meaning throughout the poem.  “I” refers to the Higher Self or superconscious identity, “me” refers to the conscious self, “you” refers to the audience or conscious self of the reader, “the” in an allegorically-keyed line will refer to ‘the elohim’ or the human race, ‘they’ means ‘the yod’ - and will refer to the leadership of the elohim “the yod” - the active principle amongst the race, sometimes referred to as the ‘y’ chromosome, ‘them’ will be the mundane kingdom or the world of affairs, “which” refers to myself - ‘vh’ + ‘ich’ when it used grammatically incorrectly in place of the word ‘that’

x or m  - designates a  female person
y  or r - designates a male person

Eaters of the Dead

Let me tell you about the Nickel Man
And his hairy friend the Soldier
(Foreigners, my father said)
Come to Annaganthas for the Sunday fair
Come to sell their bodies and their foreign yellow hair.

They sold their shoes on Sunday
And laid their limbs on pegs
They asked a penny for the arms
A nickel each for legs.

And war broke out in Annaganthas
Sunday as the arms and legs changed hands
The Nickel Man and Soldier had filled a sack with lead
And when the wounded came into the square
He offered them a nickel for the dead.

The Huns had taken Annaganthas
As the Nickel Man made money at the fair
And then loaded down with flesh and coin he fled
(Scavengers, my father said)
Gone to feed the countryside and fill his sack of lead
Gone to offer carrion to eaters of the dead.


I renamed this allegory - a very unusual act, after the Nickel Man got a big kick out of the original name, “The Nickel Man.”  I got upset about the gloating and decided to rename it to focus upon the topic under discussion, rather than the allegorical naming convention.  The allegory worked much too well in this case.  The original publication shows the name as “The Nickel Man” but only the Nickel Man has copies of the original published copies.

Eaters of the Dead - Easter of the Dead - the Resurrection of the Dead And How They are Consumed

The title could be alternatively translated as “Dawn of the Dead” in the popular idiom.  I stole the title from Michael Crichton’s novel because I liked it so much - it referred to a race of throwbacks who fed on carrion.  “Easter” refers to an ancient festival called Oester which also refers to the East - the word ‘estrus’ comes from the same root, and refers to the spring festival of fertility, or the rite of spring.  East in Hermetic philosophy is the source of the Greater Light or Cosmic awareness, and anagrammatized, it means ‘not’ Light.  The Eaters of the Dead are not from the East.

Let me tell you about the Nickel Man
And his hairy friend the Soldier
(Foreigners, my father said)
Come to Annaganthas for the Sunday fair
Come to sell their bodies and their foreign yellow hair.

‘Let me tell you about’ - tells the reader it is ‘about’ rather than straightforward, the author does not know the full import of events, but it is a tale of events, of affairs in the mundane world.

The Nickel Man:  a compound allegorical name.  It means an alloy, a coin, or something signifying five.  Answer:  all of the above.  It designates five people of one purpose, and then there is one other person, the Soldier, who is physically described as ‘hairy’ - ref.  Esau, the hairy son who was not favored by Joseph.

Foreigners - this refers to ‘outside’

Come to Annaganthas:  this line can be read more than one way:

Imperative:  “Come to Annaganthas for the Sunday fair”
Declarative “(they did) come to Annaganthas for the Sunday fair”

There is also an encryption using the word ‘come’ - ‘they came with me’

Annaganthas:  ‘anna’ = grace (Hebrew)
           ‘ganthous’ = flowery, from Gk. ‘flower’

it has more than one meaning:  the outcome of  spiritual striving - i.e. Cosmic enlightenment, the flower of grace is the awakened eye or the jewel in the lotus in other metaphorical systems, or it could be considered the rejuvenated Garden, which is a traditional image in Western hermeticism.  It could be generally considered as the Temple or at least a place of instruction and attainment.

They came with me to the temple

for the Sunday fair -

forth Sunday  f air - those who came forth on Sunday , Sunday being the day of Christ, or the present dispensation - these are Cosmically known as ‘stragglers’, or the last wave, ‘f(rom) the air’ - or mental beings.  Since on the 7th day it was said that God rested, then those things that come forth on this day are not of this creation and not of the Divine plan.

Foreigners, (as) my father (who art in heaven) said
They came with me to the temple | they came forth on Sunday from the air

The first stanza explains the entire situation as well as can be described.  The imagery is consistent with the allegory.  The next stanza refers to what happened after the Nickel Man and the Soldier arrived at the temple.

They sold their shoes on Sunday
And laid their limbs on pegs
They asked a penny for the arms
A nickel each for legs.

“They” - special use, ‘the elohim’ - the leaders of humanity ‘sold their shoes’ - shoes is a scriptural reference to visible attainments, such as John used in his description of Christ - “I am not worthy to lace his shoes” - one’s shoes Scripturally refer to one’s portable wealth.  To sell one’s shoes is to give away all that is valuable that one can carry and render one unable to travel freely, or to abandon your vehicle.

They relinquished their attainments on Sunday

‘Limbs’ refers to the body - a limb on pegs is a crucifixion or submitting oneself to the law of karma, which inevitably happens when one relinquishes attainment, he retrogresses.

“They” repeated, changes the subject back to the Nickel Man

asked a penny for the arms:  ‘arms’ here is a pun - there was one warrior - a penny is one
a nickel each for legs:  ‘legs’ refers to go-fers - those who did errands, there were five of those

The device above is known as an epithet - ‘arms’ for a soldier, ‘legs’ for a runner or an errand-person.

Thus this stanza glosses the interpretation of “Nickel Man” as being five people plus a soldier who made a sixth, and served in a military capacity.

And war broke out in Annaganthas
Sunday as the arms and legs changed hands
The Nickel Man and Soldier had filled a sack with lead
And when the wounded came into the square
He offered them a nickel for the dead.

‘war broke out’ is the conflict that ensued
‘Sunday as the arms and legs changed hands’ - the soldier and the five had reversed or changed with respect to one another - it may be freely assumed that the war broke out between them
‘filled a sack with lead’ - the fruit of karma is dross, their striving had created unfruitful consequences
‘the wounded came into the square’ - the square is the temple building itself, the consecrated place of transmutation, ‘the wounded’ would be those subject to transmutation and karma.
“He” - Hebrew, ‘window’ referring to one of the four great spiritual principles.  Also refers to the Nickel Man buying and selling the dead, or trading in souls.  “them” - special use, the world of affairs, ‘nickel’ in this line means ‘five’ - five souls were traded to or sold back to those they had harmed.  Over the course of time, the coin has changed from a nickel to a penny to a nickel again as the situation changes.  A penny would be a single soul, a nickel would be all five.  It will probably eventually come out to a penny.  The original offer was for five.

The Huns had taken Annaganthas
As the Nickel Man made money at the fair
And then loaded down with flesh and coin he fled
(Scavengers, my father said)
Gone to feed the countryside and fill his sack of lead
Gone to offer carrion to eaters of the dead.

‘The Huns’ is the only direct reference I have made so far in my work to the Huns as a free force of karmic intervention of a military type.  The Huns were known widely as the Scourge of God, or the retribution of Yahweh upon the unfaithful.  The military intervention described was done by this same force by Cosmic decree.  It also makes a historical reference to a previous repetition of history and places this allegory in space and time as to its true significance historically, the destruction of Italy and the fall of the Roman Empire.  I expect to write another whole book called “Princes of the East” about two brothers (of different mothers, one Asian, the other Roman) who forged the modern Hunnic empire and helped to destroy Rome in the 5th century.

This stanza also removes the Soldier as a reference - the alliance was broken in the 3rd stanza, and the denouement occurs in the 4th.  Since there were 6 people under discussion at the beginning, only five fled at the end, to create more karma and trade in more souls, thus ending the involvement with the temple after it was taken and secured.  Actually, the temple was destroyed.


The events took place between September, 1991 and March, 1995.  The final denouement will not be had until 7 years has passed - which makes it December 8, 1998.  This timing is always consistent.

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Gentle Silence

I return, and not forsaken
To remind you of a truth
What will speak to open your grey heart
And rend the veil that keeps you laboring apart?

You stand, a stone, unyielding
Indomitable in the rendering of Art
You came and conquered this small dominion of America
And yearn to flee the fruits of that success.

Stay, do not be counseled by the wise
Do not be ridiculed by wealth and poverty
Such are dark illusions on the Path
Our brethren rise
To greet the consequence of Wrath.

We come, so bid us come toward you
Surround yourself with innocence and light
You are great to vanquish your great foe;
But victory eludes you still this night.

We come, so bid us come toward you
You will not stand vigil long, this night.

   for H.M, FRC

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Even in the glossaries
There are more meanings
For who but those who grow the Tree
Will know the Binhs and Pehs they may yet find?

The lost work of the lost years...

Eve of St. John

The sea has ended here in isles
And we are lost
Our ship, now drowned in clinging kelp
Is run aground in mist.

My feet gain rock upon the shore
And silence closes in;
Now all is still.
I plot, I pace, I lay our course
Yet all is still.

The cooling sea becalms the wind
As wind once scalded sea
The silence is upon me now
My flesh is chilled.

I watch for hope to rise with dawn
I listen for your call
Before my eye, the mountain speaks
Before the mountain’s falls.


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Gold Coast

An easy yoke, this summer
The sameness of the sullen damp
The jungle's restlessness
Where myriads abound amid decay
Hurried by the rain
Impeded by the sun;

I breathe an artificial air
Engulfed in chilling luxury, my love,
Oh love, that would extend the endless summer
The tumult of the flood and hurricane
It will not stay, I will not stay --
The winter will upon me once again.


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One More Summer

(from the Gold Coast) - 8/4/97

An easy yoke, this summer

O Love
That would upend my endless summer
Remove the pain that lances through my loins
I crave your touch, your taste upon my mouth
Embrace me bodily; I cannot quench myself.

The love I felt a hammerblow
A tripping in my chest
It makes me cease; I cannot breathe without you
Is this madness, Love,  to come to you each day
And beg for love to cover me with night?

You my love, you be my madness then
Let madness be the death of me this summer,
And let us sport tonight again
Let madness reign again
Until we sleep; to part again in pain.

O Love, I cannot breathe enough
To breathe You into me.
My striving does not cleave into your flesh
How can I weave myself in cloth
To be your ornament
To make ourselves as one in soul enmeshed?

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Alexandros Basileus

And after ages, still the city stands
A testament to greatness unforgotten
Yet where amid these ancient rocks, are tears
Wept upon the unforgiving sand?

Somewhere here, he thundered into Persia
And somewhere there, the traitor put to death
But nowhere in the desert is the memory secured
That woke the dream and stirred the hero’s breath.


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Once more, in the palace at Pella

(from the lost year, on Andalusia’s shore)

The stillness of the season has advanced
And presses grief inevitably forth
It is ever thus with me;
The time of weeping always is today.

Though once the great king strode
Upon the avenues of Pella;
And once his army conquered  half the world;
His lands are reduced to darkened gloom
And solitude today his sovereign realm.

Now the stillness of the season has advanced
And even in my dreams my love is lost,
My victory was stained by maudlin youth
My love undone by victory uncouth.

Ah we!  Warriors in mead
How could we know we held the world at bay
That mountains were our toys, and kings our children!
And which god to whom I pled my troth
Bid me go or stay
I could not say!

The world, so grand and full
And loved, I loved it till it bled for me
And yielded all its grain to all my men and me
And marched against the oldest pageantry.

Today, I watch the faces of the men who bled to death
Pledged to passion that was never mine to slake
A vision of the moment when I came too soon awake
To feel the dark sensation of her breath.

Olympia, O cold,
How has Orphus tempted you today?
How like a slave you held me in your passion’s sway
Had I but nerve to turn away.

And so, I turn
Once locked inside this palace room
A slave of one, a king of kings
Driven from imaginings
The room appears before my eyes
My dreaded night, your horrid lies
For as you live, temptation dies.

For as you die, my last temptation dies.


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Atalanta Fugiens


Ah, Zebratta, will you ever rise afresh
From wounded hearts and hands
Will you ever march your hordes
Across these tortured lands?

For I weep again, upon this torrid coast
Where once I freely walked away;
In the power of unseen hosts

Is there any power I could hold
To release me into light?
What will make the sun grow gold
Who bid me serve, and stay.
And make the sky grow bright?

Nothing will remain; and though I weep
None of that which shelters me, remains.
Although I seek the inner deep
The sky grows dark with rain.


And as the winter wept and waned
The ancient toll was rung
And as the storm sent wind and rain
The song at last was sung.

The season wanes, the vision lost
The consequence has come
And now I wait for early dawn
To glimpse what I have done.

And what have I become?
Has God removed the whole of me
And bid another come?
I waited out the years of night
To make this sacred sound
And now I stand within the light
To bring the mountain down.

Prophecy will hasten, yet
Tomorrow will unfold
My destiny remains unmet
The story still untold.

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Author of Destiny

There is solace in the golden light of candles;
There is comfort in the dripping of the rain
Yet peace eludes me yet again, this ageless, empty night
My mind is ravaged once again by pain.

I will not sleep again tonight
Wakeful in the murmur of the wind;
My conscience slows the clock again
Preparing for some trial to begin.

I recall this night, a thousand years ago,
We waited for the Christ to wake the dead;
And here I wait, again tonight
In this same peculiar dread.


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Therion and the Green Maiden

As green as grass upon the battlefield she lay;
Her naked form exposed beneath the sun
And one by one they took her as she lay beneath the sun
An incidental victim of the fray.

And broken did she seem when found by Therion
The captain of a mercenary band;
No rapist he, but of a kinder sort of man
He saw her safe toward her forest home.

And never did she speak, as she beheld the human man
Yet clung in terror when he tried to leave
The soldier was bewildered by her grasp upon his sleeve
And tarried in her dark and shadowed land.

Long he slept and long he dreamed, of fay and fairy lands
And woke to find him bound against a tree
His captor willed to hold him fast and never let him flee
A hostage of the hostile fairy bands.


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Chylde Harold in Hell

Oh he came unready into this good night
Dimly prepared by God was he for Eden
And forth he went, his army and his band
And forth they went, into the thickest fight.

And poorly met, went Harold to his maker
And poorly spent, his coin was quickly stolen
Unready for the fight, he judged himself unholy
Unready for the night, he judged himself in sin.

And so we meet, now he has fallen after
In mercy, though I cannot see his cause
A knight should know his squire and his master
The temple's sign should give a moment's pause.

Came he unready, into unholy night
And wept alone, though not alone he slept
And begged the sky to cover death with light
So he would find the beauty he had kept.


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Alexandros Basileus (II)

O kings are herded fast before the Rod
The ides of June have tolled at last
Alexander marches on the Colossus of Rhodes
His army grows, Diameter is passed.

The feather of the eagle has at length been passed
And the father of the waters now is grown
A graceful youth, a vital King
An Empress in his court
The coin is minted for his following.

Let the allegory lead the youth aright
Let all who follow lead the firefight.

Let all who know the Round be round about.


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The Book of Kings Divided by the Book of Ezekiel

The Chemical Funeral of Kasimir Raj El Kelal

They killed him.

They stabbed him with a blade of grass
And by opposing, end him.
And in that life of death
What schemes are done
When they have shuffled off this mortal coil?
Openly, their calumny is done.

The tree of righteousness remains
A pillar, girded fast, in chains
And its domain of silence is the Fall
Until the herald sounds the waited Call
But I am meek
And in my stubborn silence is the power of the weak.

He walked among them, natural
An alien, yet known to all
A friend as close as brotherhood
A son as close as fatherhood.
Yet none recall
For one of light is risen to the call
Unknown, unmet, magnificent Kelal
I will not sound the telling of his call.

And so, he dies.

Before the veil illusory, before their fallen eyes
Let prudence pause for breath and life
Before their throated cries
The demons dance as grand illusion dies.

The world is still
And backward drawn, the murderous will kill
As upward raised, the summer is begun
Made glorious by this son of York.

And no one looks for Kasimir
Though all have booked the Vance
And none have heard the melody
As swords of light advance.

Then was the winter, and in our discontent
Removed our King from righteousness intent
And crushed our sons until they could not rise
Their lifeless bones our consolation prize.

Let all pretenders take the fallen Throne
And lust to serve the fallen King of Trees
He grows content, amid the smouldering smoke
And fat upon the broken elms and knees.

Let all pretenders slake the fallen Throne
And lust the mortgage on their serpentine
He holds my token and beholds my ancient sign;
This king I know, and soon enough, is mine.

Deliver him to me
With all his army’s minions and decree
Let me count his mortgages and taxes on the free
And let me serve as Plague Accountancy.

Deliver him to me!
And let the kindest lash cause him at last to see
For I will wait in silences
Until the last is free
The Adversary is no longer Me.

My brethren are the begotten of the He
My children are the diners of Pesach
We slay the vermin from among the beans and peas
And fast restore the Hands upon our knees.

Pause before the window, Demon Death
Let all our life be vivified by Breath
Let him enter in the country of the kind
And let his fallen followers be blind.

We breathe.
And as we rise, let all the light be freed.


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The Watch of Nightingales


We who have lived before
Know our way to the temple door
We who have served before
Find the key


Sons of God
Raiders of Light
Who ask the Lord to free us from night


We, who guard the tree of life and death
The Angels of endlessness
Born to time
Fashioned as men,
We come to join the battle again
Time, our misfortune
Binding our endless life to the cross.
Raised among you
Sons of  tribes of Judah and Dan.
We slake rages of angels
To bring the world salvation
We are the soldiers of Light
Falling through the pane
We are the armies of night
Turning the tide
We slew the unholy bee in her haven
We are cursed with the task of the hours to come
Motion is delayed
We are cursed with the task of the hours to come
We are the eagles remade
Rising on the wing
Waiting for Michael to sing.

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23 Palms

Stayed, the bonny clan is stayed
By the time the palm is carried down from the tomb
Glorious morn proclaimed by the odorous priests of Rome past
Odious truth removed from the book at last.

Pray, pray for Jehovah
Pray, till he goes over
Pray you are not His.

Stay, till you are older
Pride, still on your shoulder
Pray you are not His.

Pray you are not His.

Now, the Vatican remade
From the stone replaced by Simon’s masonry
Mystery schools destroyed when the word of law removed
Flowering truth revealed on our star-crossed brows

Play, play in the clover
Play, till you cross over
Play till you are His.

Stay, till you are older
Wise, gentle and colder
Stay till you are His.

Stay till you are His.


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Xerxes in Allegoria

How great an army may be wrought
From cold calamity
Commodities of pain their portion and their part
How small salvation may in truth be sought.

I stood apart and watched the tribe unite
And see Ping into the entryway
We welcome tyranny into our light
I will not stand apart.

I hold them all to me
My precious sons, as they shall surely be
I sent them all to war
But newly made, in time return to Me.

Reconcile yourselves entire to Me
The warrior’s eclipse is red retreat
All are ransomed by the bounteous Decree
Reconcile yourselves entire to Me.

Bind yourselves in love to She
Not in thrall to ancient sensuality
All are purified, forgiven, for perversion of the Tree
Bind yourselves in love divine to She.

Free yourselves from that infernal Bee
Whose sting is felt beyond the rim of fire
Whose honey is the poison of your flame
Free your line from that unholy Bee.

Balance both your pillars in your palm
Join the darkest twilight with the dawn
Speak plainly of the agony, the bed you lay upon
Balance Boaz and Jachin upon your palm.

Join me in the festival of peas
We are One in truth, in light
And one in destiny
Partake of Zion’s festival of Peas.

The Hun has taken Rome, and I have done.
My song has ceased, my reign of peace is come.

   6-23-98 30K
   over Oregon

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Vigil of the Muse

By the circling pool of dark
I wait for light
Like a monk in pained petition
Like a Christ awaiting bliss
I snuff the smoky candle end of time
And give it all to night
I wait in starved desire for the light.

It is the vigil of the Muse tonight
And all the ears that she has tuned
In turning ages tune tonight
I am a member of the wedding
I am a coal that glows upon on her spark
With blinded brother coals awaiting light.

By the cooling of my hearth
I wait for light
Companion of the history to come
I raise the brimming chalice of the covenant
And rise to greet Alchimia tonight.


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Helena Petrovna

Unaware of any but that shining Truth
Obsessed with where and how,
No less by who
She holds forth against the Muse Calamity
Child now, carrying her scars with ancient grace
Soldier of the line, renewed.

Helene penetrates my peace with shouts
And hushed by Grosvatter, cries Beware!
Having seen my badge and more, my lowly wound
She sees more than the world can know, and cries.

Let your Master strike a chord anew
Reborn within the Mir, you cannot know
Salvation has been wrought without your shell

Let all her chelas follow after
This salvation need not be her grand disaster.



Grace is ours, our goat is slain for Azazel;
A season passed, we will be safe.
Have we not given souls enough to Azazel?
Eighteen and nine, the diners are assembled
For late our feast is done
We are a stiffnecked race
For this, Jehovah grants us thirty years of grace.

7/2/98 - over Montana

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The Second and the Third

The magic moment chimes
Between the sluice of the waters of the mind
And much is done.  I cannot cease or rest
Between the chastening of all the newly-blessed
The seven weeping sisters weep at last for joy;
They are heaven-borne, they are heaven-blest.

Ka, take us to the lake
Command the waters as our Souls awake
I am their king and I would bid them come awake
Let all who follow Light be borne aloft
So all make come awake.

Ka, kA, I bid them come awake
So all the light is lucid on the lake.

7/2/98 over Montana

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Warden of the Mind

She wakes
My demon bride, the half of me unmade
She wakes
And sleep, the warden of the mind
She slakes.


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Watch of Nightingales (II)

We, who climb the tree of life and death
The serpents of angel breath, returning…
Torn from time
Raptured as men
We come to build the temple again.


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My Love

Defeat me well, my love
Curse me with good fortune
I, undone, cannot withstand your spite
All I have will not resist,
But all I have, is not enough for Thee.

  7/2/98 over Montana

And if I closed my eyes

Would there rise again the dread concatenation?
Symbolism wakes me, and I follow
Rota, rota round we go, and thus the Truth unfolds
And once again I close my eyes
To open all their eyes.


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She reminds me

She reminds me of myself
Had I been loved too well
Poisoned by indulgences and greed
Wealth and power and useless toys
Eons of attention.

There will never be enough attention,
This I know;
The demon appetite is fueled and grows imperious
She will grow.

7/28/98 (sic) 7/2/98

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He curses me

The skeleton that smoked me out of hearth
He curses me to death
And now I hasten to his death
The breath of life is purer form for such a lowly beast
I will be the soon-presiding priest.


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1. Timaeas

Sun at the source
There is no following
At the heart, there is no end.

2. Brillig

In my nightmare, all the city woke
And dogged me so I could not rest
I leave the Mir, and all its clinging host;
Free me from the seething serpent’s nest!

‘Twas brillig, and the skirling stones
Arake and dound the rivik’s corl
Petulan was its browdy gows
And the drone bathes downborl.

I shook awake, and demons rose
Before my inner eyes
And Death lay glad in mourning
In her velvet funeral shroud.

‘Twas brilliant, when the scowling drones
Awoke and drowned the river’s coil
Petulant was its bawdy jowls
As the drone baths downboil.

I shook awake, and demons rose
Before my inner eyes
And Death lay glad in mourning
In her velvet funeral shroud.

I met with Shelley in the early morn
And did not yield to her entreating form.
I grew enflamed
And did not yield, lest I become ashamed.

I must lay with beauty Death
Or be undone;
And so I slept, and slipped away
Till she was gone.

Today, enflamed, I hold myself at bay
Resolute, though dull and cast away;
There is purpose in this science yet
There is purpose in this casting her away.

There is purpose in this silent vigil yet
There is purpose in my turning her away.

3. Minnesota 3-5000

This dream will end
I will be upended by the time the nightmare ends
We are genteel
Civilized and rational as steel
I go, because I must
I stay because to serve I must
And once will wait the day when silver bends to rust
Righteousness demands my truth and trust
I stay because I must.

   7/2/98, 35K, over N. Dakota

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Destroyers of Light

Three companions are the enemies of light.

Departure is a flurry in the velveteen of night
A moment of uneasiness before the Grand Hotel
While shrouds of dust and mourning choke the dawn
Three companions become enemies of light.

Alive, five lean and hungry lawyers
Like a load of flotsam cast away upon the tide
Find the hidden entryway below the heaving sea
And slowly make their way into Zebratta’s bloody heart.

They greet their newfound followers outside the Grand Hotel
Observing all the passwords and the protocols and signs
Insincerity herself tonight is hostess at the bar
And soon the deal is struck upon the name of Samael.

Arrival is a flurry in the velveteen of night
A moment of awakening outside the Grand Hotel
While eagles rake their talons on the Sun
Three companions join the armies of the night.

Numen is the candle to awake my failing sight
For I would seek the morning, and forsake the blistered night
Abandon those companions in the dark and fevered fight
Seeking wisdom in the future of humanity’s great light.

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Year of Leaping

Febrile time reverses fast
While harbors bubble over
Minds are crushed by eglantine
While rabbit runs in clover.

Psyche stolen by the dawn
Prophets hasten faster
All the earth is borne below
And Samael is master.


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The evening comes.

The coin is tossed, the demon wakes
The evening comes.
I wait alone, I wait awake
The vigil keeps me long awake
I will not sleep
For evening comes.

  7-2-98 over Montana

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The Rabbit Years    Music:  Breathe, Pink Floyd

Watch the rabbit run
Toll the chime of destiny to come
When at last our work is done
It’s time to feed the rabbit to the snake.

Along the shores, above the Hill
The tolling of the early bell
Calls the seekers and the peas
To their dusty, broken, careworn knees.


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Green Eggs and Hell

I will not eat green eggs and hell
I will not eat them, Samael.

Do you like to eat the dark?
Surely, surely, it is stark!
And you would have a worldly lark
If you would eat the growing dark!

I will not eat your growing dark
I will not go upon your lark
I will not go into that Park
And will not eat your lovely dark.

I will not eat them, Samael
I will not eat green eggs and hell.

I will not eat them, Samael
For I am pledged to Uri - el.


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Do we deserve to lose our president to sexual hypocrisy
For the mere price of the complete dissolution of the Republican legal monopoly?
That is an expensive blow job.


Heh Yod

Heh Yod
Don’t put me down
Take a sad song and make it bether
Remember to let heh under your shin
Then you begin
To make it kether.

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Vigil of the Muse (II)

I demolish time
And I eat the night.
I rise to greet Alchimia tonight

I snuff the smoky candle end of time
And give it all to night
I am the recorder of the plague that now descends
I am the herald of the clock
As time and tide upend.

Be not afraid, my brethren
As the time and tide upend
Be not afraid as Pisces ends.

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Mars Rises

And as we rise
The fire blends into the sky.

  6:08 a.m.
  July 8, 1998

In seven years, is this Rome built
In seven years, all my sons shall rise.

  July 8, 1998

Never the Twain

East is South
And West is North
In the heart of the Mir
I go to turn, I turn to flee
Direction is not near.

South is East
And North is West
Until the Song is done
Cataclysm golden in
The waking of the Sun.

How may we bend
To find the Source
So all may bring an end?
How may we send
Our love unto the Source
So we may surely blend?

For East is West
And North is South
According to the Law
Let all the world be brought to rest
So all may find their Quest.


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The Cat’s Cradle is Sprung

Ice Nine

Or, Felix Hoenniker’s Seventh Son

One molecule of ash will cloud the sky and grow
One crystal being, grown electric and bizarre,
Will land beneath the soils of the mountain
And be cold
The child of Science, Miracle
Aware, awake, avid in the precincts of Her mind
Escapes and, unaware
Freezes all creation with her stare.


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Calamity, the eighth unhappy Muse,
In parts of six and seven,
Delighted, makes a mockery of Fate
And brings me to the Jews.

The passion of her moment
Bright and full and flesh
Clutters me, it wakes my flesh to Flame
None refuse the brilliance of her Fame.

Penelope, my brightest wife
My sure and sanest home
Take me now into your breast
And make your breast my home.

Collide, unmake, resume, my sweetest bride
I am undone by Thee
And within Thee I abide.


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Unwoven, unbegotten, she
My child life, my creativity
She is unmade
Clouded by the ash, and
Buried in the sand, the candle
Snuffed before her flame
I see ahead, I grow behind
I seek her in the calamind
She is undone.

My endless years, the million words unspoke
I pause before the clock has chimed a stroke
Will she be unmade
Will I wake, again to lie
And bend to her instead?

Let her come to me
Let all her maidens come to me
Let her plotting be undone
That I will love her free.


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We fly

Into the heart of God, into the molten sky
We drop upon the beach and brilliant lie
In bodies of our sons, in flesh
In subterranea
Free the prisoners of sub-Atlantea.


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Seraphi el

Stately march the warriors
As Evan Evolan
Tribe of Sabiri
Unstained, noble as the horse upon the Plains
Ranks of silent discipline
On ranks of brokenness
O heal the broken places in our ranks!
Replace the piny plinths
With finer flanks
With whiter planks


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Lot in Jerusalem

Driven out of Paradise
And fled of late, Gemorrah
Lot is waked to flame
To lie with both his daughters.


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Stone she stands, unmoved
Though sands have shifted
Off the mark of Ocean
Magnet onto paper, astrolabe
The tools of mental alchemy
She puts in reliquary
Against the day when rain
Has rinsed her blood and sin away
And time has once forgiven
All that blood that strife
Has bled from all humanity.


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Lollolot the Lama squats
Between the worlds of seas
Caught above the mountains
Of his aisles (isles)
Isolate, condemned
Seeking charity from those he hemmed
He watches and is femed
He breeds the life of days
Inside her head.

  for N.B., frc.

He speaks of me, he turns away
He speaks of me!

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Take all

Take all of me, Love
That I might live in you
Take all my care and woe
And pledge me unto Love

Take my soul entire, do not shape
The something unto naught
For I am undone by this
And am by men Forgot

Take me, sweetling, unto you entire
And let this Muse who bids me now, inspire

Thus our marriage is at length begun
Thus our Wedding is by Calliope unsunge.

John Milton
On occasion of his marriage to the Fair Miss Powell
Kings College Cambridge      1642 August 22

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18 Brumaire

They tumble over one another
As approaching the delicate
Fat-lined necks of Aristocracy
Proclaim Democracy
Fraternity, Equality
And place a smaller King
Upon their throne.

Jacobins, enlighten me
How fares your Communist indecency?

Nike stands alone upon a slimy shore
Your Enemy is proudly sunk and more;
Divided, Germany again shall rise;
The hister will again be Prussia’s prize.

The Parthenon is ruined
And the Reich has boiled all its ingots down

Democrats, enlighten me
Where is Socrates
Now that Cyprus is at last your town?

The islands are at rest
Where Minos strutted proud
Theseus is put to test

Plutocrats, enlighten me
Where is Empire blessed?

Where is power when illusions are the cause of war afresh?

March on, Jacobins
And march, again
Boehme’s Saxon son
March on, Cypriots
Toward Olympic shore

Zeus will greet your sacrifice
And grant you seven labors more.


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Che has burned the fiery candle end of time
And snuffed, the Law became decree
All captives did at length win free
And so we Be.

The sands of Ev retreat before my eyes
And somehow the past has lost its demon sway
I am undone
And this my love
Is surfeit for the day.


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It was the Iliad I started
When I left the hill
Covered with red flowers
Where I left my father’s house
To go no more in,
And I followed the 2
Till the two and the A made 4
And sat all three of me upon 18 and C
Which I knew represented Me
For I have been both 666 and 3
And Chased was no longer She
And came upon the city by the Bay,
Antioch, where I found my Wei.

And I journeyed by them
And bound the temple to the earth with three
And bound Mateo to the sea of Sound
Till the 9 and the 2 made 2
And the 8 and the 8 made six
And seven, for seven gets you five
And five will always get you two
(Not at the casinos)
(Or at the dogtrack)
(It is a subtle gambling going down in the Big Valley.)

Lysergos is a rare and wondrous drug
When fed into the mind in pain
And when it lit, I rebecame

I broke apart the numbers
And married all the nouns
And carried all the ravens to the doves
For priest I was, anointed from Above.

Oronto and Orion were my minions then
The hunter and the beast,
And the Numen would not chasten me
Though counting me the least
His yoke was lifted easily from me
And his taxes choked the free
He serves best who waits, and waits to set him free.

And so I went to Francis’ fruited hills
And drew within the courts of Rationale
I could not stay
For something Hid kept drawing me away.

Lysergos is a spare and passing thing
Breaking Allegory into higher path and low
These I could not know
And shed my thorny crown upon the snow.

And I returned to Redmond
Where I delivered a Book I had promised to Silence
When she had met Leviathan
And saw no Christ, burning for the wicked righteousness
And saw no constellation red with blood
And was no doomsday prophet
Hailing Helios
Descending into night upon the Sound.


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When we flew
This fast escape on freedom’s wing
For briefest thoughts we knew ourselves as children
Reborn and fresh
Released from terror’s sting
And unencumbered
Saw ourselves as flesh in blood
We two, as soul and soul enmeshed
With sweetness dripping from our very breath
We loved, as innocents, in glee
As Arist taught us once to be
We do his bidding, even as we
Climb his funerary Tree
We will not grieve
As enemies are washed into the sea
We live, as all our foes
Are vanquished on their knees.


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The Game-Players of Titan

(apologies to Kurt Vonnegut)

Below the stew, they watch the glow,
The orbs which give them inner view
These myrriod, a special breed
An allgemein of two
They breed while watching all that human souls refuse to do
They watch for you.

O they stem!
They grow such crystal trees
On ammoniac stilts, they climb
And passion-led, they breed
They are not an eye among them
Open-mouthed, they seethe.

I see these mouths from on the air
And run
My newfound crown of thorns weighs
Heavy on my crown
I cannot put them down
Scattered, we will scatter all their fold
Huddled, massed like snakes abed
On breathing backs they spend their seed
And this is how they bred.

Out of their glass they spy my light
Prepared for death, they turn and fight
I will not last in this ammonia sea
And so, I flee.

With temples on my brow I hold my own
The bodies of the allgemein are too well known.

Antioch, Santa Rosa

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As for me and my house
We shall serve Bacon
And have ourselves a Bacon Lettuce Tomaat


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Day of the Magician

I took it slow, I slowed
To Antioch I flew and slowed
But could not stay myself entire
And so the fires of our transmuted hatreds,
Fanned us into rage, and so, we raged…
This is the consequence of feeding fits of rage
Balancing the two of me, removing fire from sage
I turned, and fled, and watered
All the fires of the rage
With mercury and salt I drew
Their faces on a page.

O Hades thou art cold today
With coal black salt and sage
Water burns with effluence
As I retire the stage.

Naught removes the stain I blot
To welcome Aleph’s age.


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Balancing the Infinite

O fly from me, doomed profligate
Crazed by Light, you dawn into my mind
Dost thou see the pressing of your
Consciousness upon my small and mortal mind?
Take your place, compose Thy light
Write your Play for me
And I will go and find
Dost Thou not see I am not free
To play inside Thy mind?


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They are restrained
Restrung, drunken with their excellence
They wait for me.
Am I (the great) Conductor of this wounded symphony?
Our instruments in pieces
Grown uncanny and unstrung?

We strike on A, we battle on the staff of A
Incidentals die by accidental death
And roll by timpani
And clashing with our temperament
Our tempo is the Sea
Am I conductor of this Goblin symphony?

   7-22-98 (for Edgar Froese)

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Campari and water
Champaign on ice
Venison etouffe with aspartame confit
These are things consulting is made of

Chicken on charcoal
Carrots and pears
Pork on the barbecue
These are the things insultingly paged through

The plague of Accounting already has fed
It seed is the moment of dread.


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Saheris El Maduc Pauses Outside the Temple of Hera Before Razing It

My tiny feet are placed side by side
Against the infinite wall of Time
The faces of the million names
I whispered in my dreams appear in order
And I greet them with my mind
These I know, they greet me and well met
Do they know, and do they wish to know
Do they wish to die tonight?

The priests ensconced in this place
Do not withdraw
The icons of their holy one are given over whole
The sanctuary open, and the incense on the clay
The temple wall will soon be breached
And dead within, they lay.


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Darius Takes Scythia

When the coward runs, I sleep
Summoned by the Holy One
I fall and counter deep
The water is my element
The ocean is my home
He cannot win the day from Me on sand.

The coward runs, unmanned by Time
Emboldened by decision
Filled to lust with plenitude
His lust is weak to me
Decide, and quickly, Enemy
Deliver Him to me.

Intuition is the fodder for my enemy.


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This is the credo of the reign of Love
And this is the moment for the reign of Strife.
Spidios was with me in the night
And sang me back to wakefulness and light
I was his student, and I was his priest tonight;
I learned his Credo, and today, I write.


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I yearned

I yearned for Her
I spoke my volumes of my Love
Across the night
And wept, long did I weep, alone,
 For Rachael and her children
No matter how I rode
No matter all the Goliaths slain beneath my feet
No matter all the Philistines routed on their fields
No matter
For the thousand years of emptiness
Refused to pass
And all the wives I loved in solace
Did not love me back
No matter…
And long I wept, for Rachael and her children,
And for the thousand years
 That would not pass.


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Solomon’s Bounty

If I had sliced my son in twain
Perhaps today he would be wise
Beautiful in love
Solid in his counsel
But Hekubah has kept him whole
And seen fit to raise him to the Law
I will not refuse her counsel now
We need a lawyer in the precinct of Sheol.


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As the world calls for its Warrior
To bring the Last Decree
You hear my call as dim
You cannot hear from me.
Set down, set off, the time has come for Thee
Pull that lone, forgotten sword
From ashes in the Tree.

How can you know that you are
Pledged to God and Me?
How can you know the profligate
Is poised to smite you free?

Michaele, Michaele hear me
For I cannot race to find Thee
In the smoke and ash
That follows His decree!


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Working Free

The Colossus has been defeated
And I circle all my men
To set us, all our prisoners
Upon the army of the free.

I am working free
At last, unbound from spells
Beneath the shadow of Olympos
And its Scythian decree
Prometheus, unbound
Is running free

Ye demons, flee from me!
I am the follower of She
Who labored in the night
To struggle to give birth to Me
How would she know
That she has loosed herself in madness
To lay again with Zeus
To bribe the lowly god
To set me free!


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Columbia (II)

She, she bows her head in shame
She, will never speak my name
She, the silent waif of shame
She, Columbia is her name


I will bring her forth again
I will light her torch again
I who broke her on her bough
I , Columbia is my fame


We will set our sails again
We will douse the gales again
Will, the power in our hands
Stlil, Columbia is our land




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They are restless, now
My sibilants, my serpent sons
And feeding soft, within their nest
They wake my little ones.

Before the light luxuriant
Before the rearing asp
The One who once was bitten
Holds me in Her grasp

And will not bid me go
The Gambler, the One in Black
The Royal Courtier’s Show
She will not bid me go!

How well I know this profligate
This spender of the low
The publican, the sinner
And the laughter she will show

She knows,
And as she smiles, knowingly
The sky releases snow.


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(apologies to B.T. and Reggie)

(refrain) Unchain the gate in solitude
The ruler says you run
Run hard into the scaffold high…

In Orient, where wise Orion please the one who lives
Come give the gambler chance at hand
His life is all he gives.

The Minotaur with bloody hands
Is destroyed by the Sun
Plagued, he, by the Titans
Brought forth by the dawn.

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Oh how you loved
This son of York
Though how he failed you, Lancaster
In love
The loyalties of women
Are so unlike the plague
That rises slowly from within.

Hey J.C.

Hey J.C., J.C.
You’re all Knight by me
You had Ehrenlechtner
Where is he now?

  Music  “Hosanna” A.L. Webber and Tim Rice

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Razing Ravenna

It is pleasant here, Andronicus
The wine is good, the food is plentiful
The Pope is writing to me daily of his hope
That I will leave in peace
Shall I live in peace
And leave his war still raging in Ravenna?

Oh, I tire…
When will I be moved to last retire?

The people are too kind
The women much too lovely
Spies are sent among them
And they too soon grow tired

It is time their cause is made and made just

I have lingered far too long at siege
And wish to see my home
It is time to raze Ravenna
And to set my sight on Rome.


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Notes on the Siege

It is widely thought that empires which topple do so with speed and dispatch, by the powerful and decisive actions by a charismatic leader of strength, resources, and innovation, but this is the romantic view.  The fall of Rome took over 400 years, from the untimely assassination of Julius in 54 B.C. to the partitioning of Empire into indecisive triumvirates in 395.  There is nothing decisive or sudden in this decline, and should teach us that as gradually as empires are built, as gradually do they topple.

This is as true of Rome as it is of Britain, which rose on the ashes of Rome.  And of America, which rose on the still living corpse of its mother and consumed it, wasp-like.

And for every Caesar, there lives a Brutus, and for every Aetius there is an Attila.  It will ever be so, until Time stops, and the brothers cease their fighting in the womb; and the royal library is opened to reveal the iniquities of Empire in all their ugliness.

So it shall be.

In this I pay grudging homage to the most treasonous of clerks, Karl Marx, who wrote in 1852 that the small are made great in the cause of revolution (the 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte) on the events of Dec. 2, 1851.  He knew best, having been there…but Marx is seen best through the light of history, and this I fault in him.  He who writes of the repetition of history should memorize Dante more closely, else he be made the icon of tyranny in turn.  Marx, like Luther and Paul before him, the icons of a tyranny they could not have authored alone, but only through the weaknesses of their adherents.  Lord grant me for once I live and die without adherents!

       HH 7-23-98

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Glossary  (under construction)

Bezaleel (Heb)  The shadow of God  ref: Exo 37:1; Chron 1:5
DeMolay (Fr)  Unfortunate
Mallory (Lt)  Cursed
Shakespear(e) (AS) “Shakes spear” (warrior)  from (Heb) samekh shin peh resh
June (AS) fr. (Lat) (f)  "ever youthful"
Alcazar (Sp)  from “cazar” to hunt, ‘el Cazar’ - the Hunter, see also “Orion the Hunter”
Lethe (Gk)  forgetfulness
Israel (Heb) (m)   "he who wrestles with God"

Zion (ME)  fr. Heb Siyon - a citadel in Palestine.
Asher (Heb)  fortunate
Hanover (Ger)  city in N.W. Germany, near Brunswick
Aaron (Heb)(m) Most likely of unknown Egyptian origin. Some of the popular etymologies in existence are: "high mountain" (Hebrew) and "messenger" (Arabic).

Didymos (Gk)  twin, double, growing in pairs.
Mannea (Chal)  City in ancient Chaldea
Urarta (Chal)  City in ancient Chaldea
Mir (Rus)  Collective, a form of government
Pharisee (Eng) fr. Heb (farise) separated.  A sect of fundamentalist Judaism of the intertestamentary period.
Ilych (Rus)]
Tsar (Rus)  Russian translation of the title “Caesar”, from a family name, meaning “hairy”
Mensheviki (Rus) Lesser, used as an epithet for those who opposed the Bolshevik Party in the Russian revolution.
Valhalla (Nor) fr ON “Hall of the slain” - the hall of Odin where the souls of the slain are welcomed.
Eden (Heb)  The garden where the first humans were said to have lived.
Ram (Eng)  Epithet of the Age of Aries
Osterreich (Ger)  The Eastern Empire (Austria)
Jerusalem (Heb)
David (Heb)
Eve (Heb)
Alexandros (Gk)  Defender/helper of men
Basileus (Gk)  Honored leader
Andalusia (Sp)  Region of south-central Spain
Pella (Mac)  Capital city of ancient Macedon
Chylde (ME)  Child, youth
Harold (Eng) (m) "leader of the army" (Teutonic). The name of two kings of England and three kings of Norway

Hell (Eng)
Colossus (Lat)
Rhodes (Gk)
Diameter (Eng)
King (Eng)
Empress (Eng)
Round (Eng)
Ezekiel (Heb)
Kasimir Raj El Kelal
Fall (Eng)
York (Eng)
Vance (Eng)
Pesach (Heb)
Hand (Eng)
Angel (Eng) from (Lat) angelus  messenger
Judah (Heb)
Dan (Heb)
Night (Eng) from (Ger)   nacht
Michael (Heb)
Helene Petrovna (Rus)
GroBvatter (Ger)
Calamity (Eng) from (Fr) calamite
Azazel (Heb)   the strong one of God ref: Enoch 10:4
Jehovah (Mas fr Heb)  “I am”
Rota (Lat)   round, e.g. “rota mundi”  the worldly round
Daleth (Heb)   door
Timaeus (Gk)
Brillig (Eng “portmanteau”) brilliant/bright (coined by Lewis Carroll ref:  Jabberwocky)
petulan    petulant/wan
skirling    swirling/scowling
arake    awake/arose
dound    drowned/downed
rivik    river/bank
browdy    bawdy/broad
gows    jowls/cows
corl    coil/curl
downborl   downpour/boil
Shelley (OE)(f)    "clearing on a bank" From a place name or a surname.
Samael (Heb)
Numen (Lat) fr (Gk) noumenon spirit
Psyche (Gk)
Atalanta (Gk)
Fugiens (Lat)
Uri el (Heb)
Alchimia (Lat)
Pisces (Gk)   fish
Rome (Lat)
Felix (Gk)    happy
Hoenniker (Ger)
Miracle (Eng) fr (Lat) mirabilis
Muse (Gk)
Jews (Eng) fr (Ger) Juden fr. (Heb) Judah
Penelope (Gk)
Atlantea (Gk)
Evan Evolan fr (Heb)
Sabiri (Hun)
Lot (Heb)
Gemorrah (Heb)
Lollolot (Eng) “Loll-a-lot” (from Heb “Lot”)
Love (Eng) from (Ger) lieben
Olympia (Gk) from Olympos
Redpath (Eng)
Antioch (Gk)
Calliope (Gk)
Che (Heb) Cheth    gate
Ev (Heb)   Eve
Iliad (Gk)
Chased (Eng) from (Fr) chasser “to hunt” cog. w “chaste”
Wei (Chi)
Mateo (Sp) fr (Lat) Matteo fr (Heb) Matthew
Lysergos (Gk)
Orion (Gk)
Francis (Eng) fr (Ger) Frank
Allegory (Eng) fr. Gk Allegoria other than
Redmond (Cel)   red hill
Leviathan (Gk)
Helios (Gk)
Therion (Gk)
Christ (Eng) fr (Gk) Kristos anointed
Xerxes (Gk)
Ping (Chi)
Adversary (Lat) adversus   opponent
Hun (Hun)
Plutocrat (Eng) fr (Gk)
Jacobins (Fr.) fr (Heb) Jacob usurper
Boehme (Ger)   Bohemia
Saxon (Eng) fr (AS)
Cypriot (Eng) fr (Gk) Cypros
Zeus (Gk)
Aristocracy (Eng) fr (Gk)
Democracy (Eng) fr (Gk)
Communist (Eng) fr (Lat)
Nike (Gk)   victory
Enemy (Eng) fr
Hister (Sax)   the Danube river
Parthenon (Gk)
Reich (Ger)   empire
Socrates (Gk)
Cyprus (Gk) Cypros
Minos (Gk)
Theseus (Gk)
Brumaire (Fr) November in the French revolutionary calendar.  18-Brumaire, Napoleon’s Bonaparte’s coup d’etat, 12 Nov 1789.
Titan (Gk)
Allegemein (Ger)
Maat (Egy) Goddess of truth
Aleph (Heb) ox
Arist/Aristes/Aristides (Gk) fr aristos “best” “excellent”
Goblin (Eng) fr (Fr) gobelin
Saheris El Maduc (Syr)
Darius (Per)
Scythia (Gk)
Credo (Gk)
Rachael (Heb)
Goliath (Heb)
Philistine (Heb)
Solomon (Heb)(m) "peace" from the Hebrew name Shlomo. A son of David, and a king of Israel. He was known for his wisdom

Hekubah (Heb)
Sheol (Heb)
Michael(e) (Heb)
Prometheus (Gk) “forethought”
Columbia (Lat) fr “columbus” dove
Cadmon (Gk)
Orient (Lat) east
Minotaur (Gk)
Knight (Eng) fr (Ger) knecht servant
Lancaster (Eng)

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