The Erotic Études Opus VI

Étude XI - On the Mulde (Rosen II)

Étude I - On the Mulde (Rosen II)

Escaping... across the Kornmarkt, down through the Hauptmarkt, past the Dom St. Marien, and out onto the high road that led across the Zwickauer Mulde, we ran until we were breathless, and had to slow down, and take a more leisurely pace in the broiling heat. School had finally ended. Gisbert had completed his Abitur, and was already making plans to start university at Heidelberg. But that was in the future: for now, there were the two of us, and the summer stretched open before us as we sought the cool waters of the Mulde.

Gisbert, longer of leg, reached the river before me, and heedless, on the open bank, stripped off his clothes and waded in, gasping. I sat, more circumspect, watching him. He rose from the water and turned. "Robert, come in!"

"Just get naked right in the open?" I argued.

"There's no one here!" he cried. "Come on!" Reluctantly, casting nervous glances through the trees, I stripped off my school clothes down to my underwear. Gisbert glared at me, disgusted. I waded in, shocked briefly by the cold water, then swam toward him.

"Afraid Marian is going to come walking with her aunt and catch you with your privates on display?" he laughed, and spit a mouthful of water at me, catching the side of my face. I filled my mouth and spat back at him, but with worse aim.

"No - my mother. She thinks I'll get sick from the silliest things..." I said, somewhat hurt by his comment, and felt suddenly chilled. "I better get out."

"No!" he objected shrilly. "Come swim for a bit. I promise your mother won't come."

"Ha! You couldn't." But I did not get out of the water right away; I swam with my friend into the deeper part of the river. I tried to draw him away from the bridge that led east toward Reinsdorf. I feared discovery, not particularly by my mother, but by anyone who knew my parents and would tell them, since we were so well-known. Gisbert, however, was completely carefree, and cavorted naked in the water, despite my reserve, and delighted in dunking me and trying to race me from the rocks toward the shore, but there was too little area in which to have a race between the rocks here. I grew tired quickly, and quit shortly thereafter.

He followed me out. "Now what are you going to do? Your underwear are all soaked through." He grinned at me. "Didn't think of that, did you?"

He had me there. I picked up my pants and shirt, and gathered up my shoes, with the socks carefully tucked into them. "Let's go a bit further along here. Then I can lay my things out to dry." We walked between the trees, Gisbert still completely naked, into the shadows and greater privacy. There, we found a small clear area with large oaks, and a patch of sunlight nearby. I took one final nervous glance for intruders, stripped off my soaked underwear, laid them out in the sunlight, and retreated to the shadow of the nearby tree, to find a soft place to sit and wait, piling up my clothes behind my head as a makeshift pillow.

Gisbert came up next to me and sat alongside. "You're all dry, why aren't you getting dressed?" I asked him.

"It's hot," he replied, settling down and putting his pile of clothes behind his own head.

"It's not that hot," I answered.

"Well, also, I didn't want you to be uncomfortable sitting here naked with me all dressed."

"Oh. Well, it's all right. I don't mind," I answered. "Or maybe you just like lying around with no clothes on."

He laughed. "Maybe I do! Or maybe just with you." I gazed up at him curiously. Gisbert was a very serious student; and it was only the joy at passing his Abitur and the completion of Gymnasium that brought out the carefree person before me; or so it seemed. Only a week before he was studying uninterruptedly for his examinations, and had no time for a game of chess or even to listen to me play a new piano piece. The serious Gisbert was now gone, and he was unwinding from the great effort. I was very aware of the nearness of his naked body, and when he pushed himself up on one elbow to lean toward me I flinched, slightly. "Robert, are you embarrassed for me to look at you?"

"A little," I admitted.

"Look at me. I'm not embarrassed. And you shouldn't be. I like your body." He touched my shoulder lightly. I looked over at him. Gisbert was very thin, thinner than I was after a winter of influenza, and his elbows, shoulders, and hipbones stuck sharply from his skin at angles. He gazed at my body frankly. "But you did look stupid in your wet underwear. You look much better naked." He ran his hand down from my shoulder to my elbow and leaned toward me and I thought he would say something to me, but he did not. Instead he put his mouth on mine, lips slightly parted. My heart seemed to stop, and I froze. He leaned back. "Robert?"


"Do you mind? If I kissed you?"

"No," I murmured, suddenly hoarse. "No, I don't mind." He kissed me again, this time harder, and I returned his kiss. I could feel his arm come around me and embrace me as we kissed, and he began to stroke my back lightly.

"Do you like this?" he queried.

"Don't talk, Gisbert," I said. We lay like this for some time, his gentle hand upon my back, stroking me, as though soothing me, while we kissed. By slow degrees, it seemed, our embrace became more passionate, and he was atop me, caressing me in that gentle way while we kissed. Some time later he moved slightly away, and we sat up. The sun was lowering, casting shadows over us, and the air had become noticeably cooler.

He turned so that I could see his face, and there were tears in his eyes, and streaks running down his cheeks. He was weeping.

"What's wrong?" I asked, putting a hand on his arm.

"That was the first time we kissed. The first time we really kissed. I have wanted to do that for five years. I don't know why I waited so long."

"Hm, me too. Well, maybe four." I was blushing, my face burning hot.

He laughed quietly, and wiped his face with the back of his hand, and sniffed. "I will be going away next month. And I feel stupid because I waited so long, and I love you." Fresh tears welled in his eyes, and I felt my own heart aching.

"I love you too, Gisbert." He turned to me, eyes shining.

"Maybe you could join me in Heidelberg, then."

I nodded. "If my mother would let me. She wants me to go to Leipzig."

"Perhaps you can convince her." He put his arms around me again. "But in any case, we have no time to lose."

We explored each others bodies with our hands and mouths, clumsily, and with some embarrassment, and I closed my eyes when he knelt between my legs and took my organ in his mouth. The sensation was so intense that I climaxed almost immediately. Gisbert seemed more able to endure, and I eventually succeeded with my hands and mouth, to please him. We lay in each others arms for an hour afterwards, saying little, speaking only with small caresses and tender kisses. It was, for both of us, our first experience of sex.

By the time we were forced out of our idyll by the gathering mosquitoes and flies in the early evening, my clothes had dried, and we emerged from the woods, arms around each others' shoulders, no longer simply friends, but suddenly, lovers.

•   •   •   •


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