17th Anthesterion


More dreams, and visions now. I let the concubine touch me, and she gave me long counsel on what she calls 'the demon' - I concluded from this that she has learned of my recall of Hephaestion. She need not know details. I for one, foresee an end to that regime in which my passions rule me entire. Would that not be a glorious achievement? I have sat to reread all that I had read from the moment of Troya and the Hittite, and my disgust with the unseemly lowness of my passions, and my obsessiveness with rendering them into word is appalling to my sensibility. However, I am not so mad as to go back and destroy; there are lessons to be learned, Aristes.

An opportunity: the satrap of this place, Ileus, though slow and guileless in his way, has made a unique offer in his latest sally: a pair of fine courtesans, fit to serve a conquerer, as part of the term of suing for peace. It is unusual enough that I choose to investigate, and so I will go with Apollion to view the offering, at the gate of the city; and perchance to set my eye on Ileus, the meek.