19 Dystros

We fought them back with our superior strength and discipline, but not before twenty of ours lay dead and another 10 lay dying, and awaiting the stroke of mercy, including Callisthenes' brother Demes. He was with him when I took my sword to play at Death, and held his head as Demes vomited out a large gout of blood which stained the linen drawn about him. This night I was not touched in battle, but lay about me as I can do only when outraged, aroused by the attack and incensed against those who would dare to use my own tactic upon me. Now, we must pursue and rout, and on the morrow go to where the fleet is moored against the island, our precious supply for the invasion of Miletus on the heights. Oh, how I detest ships, and even the more since it is a ship that lies between me and Hephaestion now, perhaps one of these very ships.